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Visiting Cuba: What It’s Really Like!

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cuba educational tour

CUBA!! Wow, what an incredible and amazing country to visit, which was really breathtaking and splendid.

Upon arrival, it felt as if I had arrived in a time machine and went back in time to the 50’s, which I have never seen and experienced before. The Cuban people, not only were they polite and respectful but welcoming. While heading down to Havana, every aspect of their structures were exquisite and appealing. When getting off the bus, I was astonished and dazzled by their streets, buildings and population. Ambos Mundos Hotel was in the heart of Havana, which felt relaxing and comfortable. Walking through the alleys and avenues, not only did I see their elegant architecture but felt their culture as well. There are a variety of shops to glance to, such as Tobacco, clothing, souvenirs, markets, and much more.

Their museums have unbelievable masterpieces by famous Cuban artist, which felt every piece of art come alive. Their food was to die for. I’ve never tasted food so fresh and flavorful in my life. Also, their beer and rum were so exclusive and refreshing that made you relax. Most of all, listening to old classic Cuban music felt comfortable and peaceful. Something you must experience.

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In addition, finishing in Vinales was a perfect idea. We were able to see how Tabaco was produce and sample their cigars as well. The mountain view was gorgeous and the scenery was marvelous. It felt so peaceful and relaxing.

Through the days, visiting their museums, structures, and monuments, it brought inspiration. An inspiration of how throughout all these years, Cuba has managed to keep their city unique and beautiful. I’ve appreciated every piece of art surrounding the city and how it has handled to be a marvelous region. Their society is so charming and pleasant, the Cubans made me feel at home and part of their family. In the past, I travelled to Spain, Italy, London, and France. But there isn’t a country as delightful and magnificent as Cuba. Overall in my perspective, there is no place like it in the world.

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