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For over 50 years, Cuba has been an isolated country due to strained relations, embargos and its natural geographic solitude as an island. As a result, Cuba has changed very little in the past decades. Vintage cars on the streets and decaying historic buildings provide an intriguing air of cultural interest. Now that travel restrictions are changing, President Obama and his family have visited Cuba, and continued discussions about new relationships are repairing old wounds and creating new positive communications between Cuba and the United States. Each country has established their embassies to improve their international relationships, and diplomats can freely travel to Cuba from US and across both countries. It is an exciting and historic time for the people of Cuba, but an influx of visitors will bring changes to their quiet, simplistic lifestyle.

Crowds of Visitors

As the number of airline flights increase, legal Cuba tours and the number of visiting Americans will reach historic highs. Although current travelers must still acquire a visa and meet Cuba educational travel requirements, Americans will bring money and a demand for services such as food and lodging that Cuba may not be prepared to meet. The nature of how quickly these needs will increase remains to be seen, but for a country that has been self-sustaining for many years, the impact of many new people may be overwhelming. The number of government-run hotels and the ability to host travelers may provide initial complexities for travel to Cuba from US, but the government has new projects underway to attempt to meet the demand. As visitor money flows into Cuba, the citizens and government will be better equipped to finance projects such as new hotels and vacation homes.

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Increasing Costs

Inflation is an immediate impact of increased visitor travel to Cuba. Those with money may be willing to pay inflated prices for goods and services, which will drive up the overall costs for everyone. This can be a good thing if salaries surge in proportion to the cost of goods and services, but along with a sudden increase in visitors, it will likely be initially unbalanced. If you are planning a trip, this means that there will be a wide variety of price points and quality for lodging along with long reservation times in Cuba.


Much of the current charm of Cuba is the old buildings, limited advertising and classic automobiles. With an average monthly salary of $25, the fast-paced world of business and finance is a foreign concept to most Cubans, as are many worldwide-known name brands. American businesses are very interested in establishing business connections in Cuba; however, the embargo is still in place and the government controls most of the country’s industry. Flights will continue to increase but remain somewhat limited, and cruise ships still do not dock in Cuba; despite initial permission to do so, many details must be established. A slow transition means the signs of commercialism may be slow to develop, but strengthened telecommunications infrastructure puts the rest of the world at the fingertips of Cuban residents. Continued growth of internet access in Cuba means the modern elements of the commercial world will quickly become available.

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Benefits of Change

Although change can be difficult, the Cuban people may also benefit from the economic growth and the additional opportunities more foreign visitors will provide. Established hotels, restaurants and farms are certain to experience higher demand, and artists and musicians will experience an increased interest in their cultural talents. Self-employment is encouraged by the Cuban government, and entrepreneurs who can anticipate the needs of visitors will have many opportunities to grow a business. If food, supplies and infrastructure can improve to support the increase in foreign travelers, Cubans should enjoy an improved way of life.

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Visiting Cuba soon will ensure that you can experience the history, culture and architecture of this fascinating country that is virtually free from international consumerism and outside influences. Legal Cuba tours meet the requirements for travel, and with the complex details of your tour arranged by experienced travel professionals like, you can simply relax and enjoy a trip that is customized to your interests.