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Summer in Cuba: Weather, Carnivals, and More!

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As a summer travel destination, Cuba offers tropical views and interesting culture to explore and enjoy. Although your travel to Cuba must meet government requirements such as educational, religious or person-to-person goals, timing your Cuba educational travel to coincide with the summer season means you can enjoy the warm weather and outdoor lifestyle of this fascinating Caribbean island.

Pleasant Weather

The summer weather in Cuba is pleasant and not overly hot. With average temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, summer is considered to be the rainy season, so the warmth will be balanced by refreshing rains and a lush, green landscape. The rain is typically brief and is quickly followed by the return of the sun. Because Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean Islands, there is a wide range of ecosystems available to explore, including rainforests, mountains, waterfalls and desert plateaus. Hiking, diving, beachcombing and enjoying the culture of Cuba are all popular options, especially during the summer.

Beautiful Beaches

Miles of beautiful beaches make enjoying the sun on the sand or swimming in the warm water a simple joy when you visit Cuba in the summer. The Circuito Azul is a long stretch of beaches near the capitol of Havana, and this spectacular coastline offers opportunities for scuba diving to view unique corals and tropical fish. In western Cuba, the town of Varadero is surrounded by famous white-sand beaches. Visitors enjoy fishing, golfing, scuba diving and swimming with the dolphins. Jardines del Rey and the Ancón Peninsula also offer pristine beaches for summer enjoyment, including snorkeling and scuba diving. The Caribbean waters are nearly as warm as the outdoor summer temperatures, and this beautiful country is an unspoiled treasure to be enjoyed.

Summer Carnivals

Cuba is home to several summer Carnival celebrations, including the large, famous Carnaval de Santiago de Cuba at the end of July. This traditional summertime festival brings the city alive with music, street dancing, colorful costumes, drumming and ethnic cuisine. You can expect to see congo lines, parades and fireworks; history, community and the Cuban culture are celebrated in the biggest party of the year. Havana also hosts a large summer Carnival throughout July and August, and Trinidad hosts a smaller Carnival celebration in June. Summertime in Cuba is also home to many concerts, sports, cultural and social events for the entertainment of residents, tourists and educational visitors.

Cuban Currency Exchange

You’ll want to have cash on hand when you visit Cuba. Although some credit and debit cards may work, you cannot rely always on this to be the case. You will need to have cash on hand to pay for your expenses and also for the exit tax you’ll be charged when you leave Cuba. Because there is a 10 percent penalty tax charged to exchange American dollars, some travelers first convert their U.S. funds into euros or Canadian dollars to make the exchange for Cuban pesos. Booking a tour with ATI for your travel to Cuba means you can rely on our expertise for the small details of your Cuba vacation packages. We will ensure that you are prepared for the detailed requirements for your trip and provide you with information about credit or debit cards that will be reliable during your visit. Additionally, because your tour package is prepaid, you won’t need to worry about money for much of your trip.

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Internet and Cell Phone Access in Cuba

As a country that currently has limited access to technology, Internet and cell phone communication may be difficult during your time in Cuba. If you have an unlocked phone, you can purchase a Cuban SIM card which will allow you to text and call. Data is not available via the SIM card, so Internet access can only be purchased by the hour. Even if you are lucky enough to stay in a hotel with Wi-Fi, the connection is still dial-up and will be very slow. Considering your vacation to Cuba to be a break from your smartphone and Internet is wise, as it is difficult to know when you’ll have access to a reliable signal.

Crowds of Tourists

As many Americans flock to Cuba to discover its charms for the first time, the possibility of encountering crowds is real. It is important to schedule your Cuba vacation packages well in advance of your trip to ensure that you can secure the reservations you desire. Many areas and residents of Cuba may be unprepared for the influx of tourists that will visit over the next months and years, so securing and confirming your reservations prior to your trip is critical. When you book your Cuban tour with ATI, we will take care of the reservation process, and we guide you through the country to ensure you see all of the sights with none of the hassles.

Flights to Cuba

Direct charter flights to Cuba are currently available from Miami, Tampa, New-York, Los Angeles, and many more direct flights from the United States are planned in future months. When you book Cuba educational travel with ATI, we handle all the details of your trip, including your flight arrangements. Our expertise means we will create a custom tour that meets your needs to make your trip to Cuba enjoyable and relaxing. You’ll have a comfortable flight to Cuba when all the aspects of fulfilling the legal requirements, booking accommodations and making flight arrangements are handled by our experienced, professional team.

Legal Travel to Cuba

Legal travel to Cuba requires a visa and a purpose for your trip, including educational, religious or person-to-person travel goals. When you schedule Cuba educational travel with ATI, we ensure that your travel to Cuba meets these legal requirements. In addition to enjoying the expertise of our knowledgeable tour guides and convenient travel throughout the country of Cuba, you will be able to soak in the summer sun and enjoy the food, culture, music and joy of this beautiful Caribbean country.